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New England Aquarium

The amazing New England Aquarium is found to be the home of thousands of aquatic animals. They are being saved, cared for, before they go out to their real home out in the ocean. The animals are very friendly and are very interesting to watch. So many creatures are very different like the fish. There are also very many sea animals that you have never seen or heard of in your life. Come to the New England Aquarium and come visit and see these amazing aquatic animals that you can tell about to your family, friends, and whoever you see!

The animals here are The African Penguin, American Lobster, Atlantic Harbor Seal, Balloonfish, California Sea Lion, Common Cuttlefish, Cownose Ray, Giant Pacific Octopus, Green Anaconda, Green Sea Turtle, Lionfish, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Northern Fur Seal, Pacific Sea Nettle, and Southern Rockhopper Penguin. These animals are fascinating for a different reason. Each animal has its own unique thing about them. They are friendly and want to see some friends at their home! These animals can range from being very small and short to being very heavy and tall. Every sea animal/ creature is different in size, their diets are different, lifespan, relatives, and their climate change and what they do in different seasons, and how they act.

You can also come onboard and experience an unforgettable cruise ship and go whale watching. You are guaranteed to watch whales jump out of the water, swim right under you, you might even be able to hear them speak to one another. You can learn about these marine mammals by our Aquarium experts.

There is a Shark and Ray touch tank. You can reach down into the water and gently touch the shark or ray with your hand. They will not bite or sting as long as you are gentle with them.